Mix-tape Release and Poetry Book!

rap is poetry1

I don’t want to release the title just yet because I’m still deciding!

Poetry/ Hip Hop Mixtape to be released early September and I plan on having my poetry novel typed up by the middle of July.

I’m so excited by this new life path I’ve begun to travel.

Dreams are real! The most important part of it all is to believe in yourself.

I will have more information at a later date, right now my time is going into the actually recording and writing process of each project.

Thank you all for your encouragement.

And also once I get music posted online, I will provide my YouTube and Reverbnation accounts.

-PoetryMisses ❤ ❤

Copyright 2013 Ta'Mesha Smith


7 thoughts on “Mix-tape Release and Poetry Book!

      1. A few short stories here and there, and I’m (slowly, like a glacier) trying to finish a micro-novel collection. I also put out an album recently with my songwriting partner (I did the drums and guitars and he did the bass, vocals, and keys).

        I’m intrigued by your poetry/hip hop mix. Spoken word to a beat is a great concept. I think, early in his career, Nas was brilliant at that.

      2. Neat !! Atleast yu have a foot in the door , I keep having to remind myself that I am young and just now getting my wisdom and seriousness about my life and career . What is your micro novel collection about ?

      3. The main story is about a mysterious soul diva in a nightclub who captivates all the boys, but when one man tries to “peel the onion” and find out what she’s all about, what he discovers is far stranger and more deadly than he could have imagined. That’s followed by 5 other stories, all with oddball characters and a dark, noirish mood. I call them micro-novels because they are too long to be typical shorts stories and too short to be novellas. I like to mix genres, which is good for creativity but bad for being published. Thanks for asking.

        I look forward to hearing your music.

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