As I sit here and think, staring in the mirror, I focus on my physical experience for a second. I ask myself, “What is beauty to us? What is religion to us? What is anything to us? How are we as children with premature minds creating our own perceptions that haven’t already been placed in our minds from our environments?”. Something else that’s floating in my mind, how many of us are in situations where we “think” someone feels a certain way about us without any valid facts? What you THINK in your mind could be all false beliefs. It’s funny how our brains are “pre”wired. Hard drives filled up with preconceived notions and negative beliefs. But when you keep a mind of an optimist, thoughts sometimes fall in their place correctly.

It seems to be our beliefs that make us the unique individuals we are. No two people are the same because of distinct looks and an individually crafted life setup.

Food for Thought.
Clear your mind of clutter.


Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith


5 thoughts on “Brainwashed

    1. You are correct . But I was speaking from a standpoint of beliefs that are passed down to us from major influences (parents, relatives, etc.) such as religion and politics . Not many of us at a vulnerable young age actually research and study a belief before we become accustomed to it.

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