7:25 P.M.

I’m usually never lonely
But there are those days when my sunshine can’t take the pain away
All my laughs and jokes
Showing care to careless folks
Running around playing with the yolks
Because the eggheads don’t get it yet
To be great you have to be the best
Like days when I don’t fit in
Or trying to mesh with other’s bestfriends that don’t quite comprehend my complexities
Now not to sound so worried
Just showing off what’s blurry
My difficulties sometimes bring out the worse in me
Fences all made of steel
Snotty nose and back pain
Like damn , all this heavy lifting is getting to me again
There was a time when I would cry countless tears
Shy away from judgmental ears so they can’t nitpick at me like rats
These nghas chasing down these cats
But see I’m all about personality
On my way to this vow of celibacy
Because I’ve been fucked for way to long
Like I was always out with a smile and a thong
But really looking for acceptance
Or atleast a little understanding
And the reoccurring mishandlings of my good intentions
Do I really see exactly what is around me?
Or am I living in my false presumption , some days pitiful, other days happy , screwed up , scribbled much , far too in depth but brainwashed reality …?

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith


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