June 22, 2014

They say marijuana brings hallucinations and everything I see is quite clear.  I haven’t blogged in a very long time and I’m not sure what reason there could be for that.  I’m more in tune now with living life and staying in tune with everything that is going on around me.  Not much have I wrote out clearly what is going on in my head.  Mistakes have turned into blessing and everything much more than I’ve expected out of life so far.  Going on this path releases me from negative energy.  Of course with the occasional moments when I attempt to place extra stress on my trials of life.  Putting everything into perspective at this very moment, I am on the correct path.  After years of searching and wondering where my dedication to life will be placed other than being a mother.  I was meant for anything that God has on my path.  My mission is still my mission when it comes to being an inspiration.  Shit is good.  And I mean really good, depending on how you attempt to view life.  Your attitude is everything when it comes to getting through the days and going towards a goal.  My purpose lies in the lines of every notebook I have wrote in.  Music has become the soul center of my thoughts and now as well my actions.  Shit ain’t easy but it’s worth it.  If it was easy then everybody would be doing it,  I try to look at things from an angle of inspiration.  Let everything that comes into my life be a lesson.  This is therapy to me and without it I would continue to look at life in a confused state.  But damn right now I really feel good about all the decisions and choices being made.  I’ve crafted myself and created the journey that I wanted.  My dreams stick to me throughout the days.  My level of passion for everything has heightened,  The feeling is beyond serious between me and life.  My mission is to conquer it.  God is my soul center.  My daughter is the soul reason.  And poetry is the soul solution.  Let’s move into a higher state of consciousness to bring things to reality and minds beneath that leave me distant,  Just get it done and flow with it at your own pace.  I’ve searched for all of the words my entire life and finally, they come to the surface of everything I’ve been trying to communicate.  It’s a feeling of euphoria that can’t be ignored by any means necessary.  With all my intentions quite clear, keep this in perspective.


Copyright 2014 Ta’Mesha Smith


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