Haec olim meminisse ivvabit

A broken tongue won’t lead me into tomorrow

The words I speak bring powerful outcomes

You can say I’m insane

And maybe a little crazy but it’s rare

To see through eyes with intentions

And follow all hope with despair

I’ll write it in any language to catch and compare

That there is no other situation that you would be there

So solidified and heightened to be elevated

Lifted and stretched across my world to extend bliss

I’ll open up my eyes and then kiss

Because I don’t want to miss any moments

And only if I feel my way through then I will really know what it took to get to the end

Keeping it simple with my love, my weed, and my laptop

Ain’t no need for them extra friends

Love tunes to fuse them in with my property

I will separate myself from the obvious and rise questions about what’s clouded in

I’m reaching far beyond opportunity and will not make amends

Never catch me when I’m falling

All so I can live my life to win


——<3 Time Heals All Things


Copyright 2014 Ta’Mesha Smith


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