The Pain

We believe in the sacrifice to save us
As painful as it may be
A conclusive illusion that things aren’t really all they’re meant to be
Countless days of wasting therapy
I can’t let all these bad days get to me
Through growth comes suffering
It’s quite inevitable
I believe in love
Just not confident on the way things go
I’ve taken a lot of blows
My heart is decomposed
Frozen over and morphed into stone
My soul has to find a home that is happy
Constantly grabbing to be accepted and understood
I stand alone
Loaded by the emptiness of my gun
I’m so cold
My eyes can scold any threat
And I bet you thought my life would embody stress
I’m blessed to reign in one with the universe
Trampling over trails of hurt
That can no longer hinder
Linger with unattractive features to be noticed
My consciousness is more open
And I was hoping you would notice me
A chance to give this poetry every piece of my soul
The part that wants to bare no more
Life goes on
Just pick a door
The pain is my savior
It’s okay to feel more

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith


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