Where Are We Now?

My emotions are blended from the other night
We’ve never had a fight
Not so much as a silent treatment
Waiting for each other’s thoughts to eat themselves
Why do we put ourselves through hell then make up?
I always cry
You call my bluff
I rip your shit because I think I’m tough
Even my tough shell gets enough
Sometimes it’s too much to even think about
Without a doubt in my mind you’re meant for me
It’s just eternally I be feeling like you don’t notice me
With tears falling I need you holding me in peace
We cause each other misery
It’s not love
Just something made up to make the ride more rough
Relationships start to feel washed up
But I’m calling out to you
I’ve never known how to play by love’s rules
But I’m here
Facing my fears of despair
It’s worth a dare… for you
Who knows?
We could serve as proof good things last
Because you did used to make me laugh
Night dreaming back to all the times we had
You loved me
We were spiritually connected but then life got hectic
And patience fell apart
You hit and missed your mark
I miss the sparkle in your eyes
And the happiness in your smile
We used to be worth while
But where are we now?
Somewhere in hope
Or lost stuck in denial looking for us

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith


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