A Path to Peace 

When I think of peace it’s a calming awareness to my spirit and soul.  But how do we obtain such?  We have to overcome all the elements around us and in us that are holding back our peace of mind.  There’s desire, there’s resistance, and then there’s the everyday struggles that want to break us.  You must continue your journey despite any difficulties. 

Anger is an emotion that I’ve had to analyze lately.  Instead of looking angry like the average INTJ, I’ve actually been so.  Anxious as well.  Emotions can consume us if we allow them to.  Leaving our peace vulnerable.  After putting ourselves through so much there is a time when our spirit will tell us enough is enough.  Your spirit can’t breathe, it isn’t free and you must do something about it.  

Life is always going to happen but we can still maintain our control.  When we feed into precisely things we can’t control is when we suffer.  Suffering is the path that leads to unhappiness.  A route my soul yearns to detour from.  If life is going to always be “happening” then we must continue to live through the trials. Peace is freedom. It is possible to obtain.

A machine may be broken down to be rebuilt again.  To be stronger, last longer and be more efficient.  So, during a spiritual journey you may not always feel the best inside and your eyes may be tainted as well.  Our spirits are similar to machines.  Not too much emotion present.  A stable awareness of the now. 

Emotions will always be but in an aspect of thought out and controlled and not bursting through for your attention.  I know things like depression attempt to hold our minds, bodies, and souls hostage.  We can break free.  Practicing mindfulness and equanimity helps by keeping peace within you at any moment of hardship.  Whether it be thoughts, physical pain or outside influences.  The journey can be a tough one if we don’t wake up each day conciously aware of where we are, and if not who we are then who we want to be.  We can begin to move forward once we have answered those questions for ourselves.  We all deserve to not struggle. 

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith


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