Growing Pains 

Feelings change
And so does our focus
It’s about time I notice me
These pains are growing internally
And verbally I want to say less
Feel less stress and love myself
Realizing that my life is blessed beyond my comprehension
My time needs to go to my vision
Not making choices off the way I am feeling
That’s not living life with intention
And it kills me
The pain in not wanting to change is pure agony
I break away through suffering
I’ve seen the other side
The tears that flood the eyes have a story
It is their glory to be felt and not denied
The tears compromise their privacy
They can no longer hide but yell
Scream in pain because things will always be the same
My name sings glory
Wounds do heal
Or atleast seal at the ends of exhaustion
I will not proceed with caution
We have no fears as children
My soul lost its glow
I never really know what I need to know
Until it’s time to show and prove
And even if my attitude is rude
I will continue to grow
I will continue to know who I am

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith


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