Next To Me

Silent cries are often heard through goodbyes

We wonder how happiness fades away

Through space in between the lines

Real love does shine

We meet a blissful reality

All when you’re standing next to me

Copyright 2018 TaMesha Smith



Birthed from uncertainty

A web of precious lies

Love was mistaken

From an entrance between the thighs

Conception based off acceptance

Then turned into pain

A once happy beginning

Ending in shame

Copyright 2018 TaMesha Smith


Clarity shows itself in rare forms

Through happiness a thorn has grown

Painful with each breath

A dagger going straight through the heart

Sadness does its part to take over

Or a case of turmoil that has boiled over the kettle of life

Battle and strife

Fresh seeing eyes once the tears have dried

They hide themselves with anger

A sense of danger that the soul is in trouble

Whole and weakened

Strong but depleted of hope

The logic to choke but the heart to approach with ease

Copyright 2018 TaMesha Smith

Time Travel

Time stands still while memories are made

Happiness so perfect it could never fade

There’s an imprint on my heart

A mark that will never go away

It’s a piece of you that will never grow away

We grow everyday

I always want you to stay

You believe in us and all the possibilities

You approach change with no fear for humility

As twin flames we get stronger as we burn more

Love is known to open doors

Our paths cross for eternity

Time traveling

You and me

Copyright 2018 TaMesha Smith

Dear Kaileigh,

You are my light and my reason

To breathe each day

Awake and see the smile on your face

A love so sweet that keeps me on my feet

You are the daughter of a lifetime

Surrounded by grace and honesty

You are pure and beautiful

A sparkle of white light and gold

You make me whole

Sensitive but strong

Sweet like the candy you love

We share the best hugs

Love is me and you

There is nothing else I’d rather do than to spend the rest of my life with you

Love, Mommy

Copyright 2018 TaMesha Smith

Her beauty is Poetry


Is something they never called her

Wonder planted on her face

With each smile her heart breaks


A heart examined as the purpose to love

With a little tug and pull

She is the light

A light that never dims

With the enviest of friends

Scars don’t bend her

They mend her whole

Outside a body only spirit and soul

They tried to sell her worth

But negative never works

She learned to put herself first

Something that used to hurt

Her fire feels worse

As passion boils through her verses

She is poetry

She is worthy

Copyright 2018 TaMesha Smith


Burning in her eyes can be felt

Gazing through windows that melt

We placed all hope on the shelf

Stomachs hungry

Passion empty

Pain turned into energy

Mama gone make it work


To something from dirt

A flower that never stops growing

Cultured to grow

Cultured to know

Diamonds always show

Her sparkle shines

And glitter is gold

Copyright 2018 TaMesha Smith

Drugs, Love, & Poetry Vl. I is OUT NOW!!


For those of you that have been following me I am pleased to announce that Drugs, Love, & Poetry is now on sale and available for purchase. For your very own copy here is the link:

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**Thank you so much to those that support and take the time to read and feel! You are all so dear to my heart. ❤️❤️❤️



I’m drastically attracted to you
And when I’m grinding on you slowly
I love to read your truth
Looking into your eyes
Gets me higher than the smoke in the room
As I float closer to you we become more as one
Through echos and drums
I feel you near
The sweet whispers in my ears tell secrets
The half decent lies told to get me here
I won’t fear this love
Your touch is explosive because of all the lust
I must get to know you
Through long, late nights
And high lazy days
Let’s fade away into each other
The luster shines overtime
Your energy caught onto mine
Purely across time we met before
An even score proposed with your kisses
Our strength dismisses fear
I know that you will always be here

Copyright 2018 Ta’Mesha Smith