Distant vs Close: a ballad

My heart doesn’t know what to do with you
I wanna leave but I can’t
These feelings hurt my soul
Will you give us another chance?

I’ll always come to you
We became close in a distant way
Even though it’s not easy
I’ll always give you space

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith



Life turned upside down will never be the same
A prominent time for confidence to be retrained
We’ll never go back to the past again
It takes time to get it all on track
Remain in your lane to be exact
Create your own no matter where you’re at
There’s not a lot of moments you can get back

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith


Courage is waking up and moving on without fear
Knowing that the people will be here, that are meant to be here
If they walk away, they never were really there
Even me
It took some time to build this integrity
Focus on the inner me
The inner you
And whatever the fuck you wanted to do

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith