I never try to hide my feelings
They just simply don’t exist
Most times they feel like they’ve endured a whisk
Through a wiff of my confidence I see me
Simply Poetry
Embodying all the things that I need to be
Through my soul I feel free
Staying in one with the universe
& in tune with my energy
I’m practing chemistry on my spirit
Seeing what’ll cause a reaction when I look into the mirror
I stare at the moonlight to get comfort
My logic sometimes gets tossed in a bunkert
It’s my heart that needs the shelter
& no matter what weather I endure
My heart, soul, and spirit will remain pure

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith


I’ve gained some clarity since you left me
Our memories haunt me on lonely nights
Nothing felt worse than those lonely fights
I would yearn for you
And then you’d turn away
I would send out cries
Thinking you would stay
We were on a mission to love one another
But you approached our love with a stutter
You didn’t want this
With every kiss I felt something was missing
Your smile didn’t glisten like it used to
I see now what our lust was all about
It’s a sad destination what our love has come to

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith

Lost Memories

Come back and find me
I came searching for you
I rememered that the rain used to give you the blues
With all things washed away
Life can be renewed
It’s the vision in your view
Like placing together the last piece
All we needed was the glue
Our souls were too divided
Not open enough and letting thru
I told you when I met you
I wanted to get to know you
And I did
I tried to think of you
But couldn’t
Your scent was lost somewhere in the abyss
I miss it
These days we’re so distant
It was never my intention to lose you
Come back and find me
I came searching for you

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith

Growing Pains 

Feelings change
And so does our focus
It’s about time I notice me
These pains are growing internally
And verbally I want to say less
Feel less stress and love myself
Realizing that my life is blessed beyond my comprehension
My time needs to go to my vision
Not making choices off the way I am feeling
That’s not living life with intention
And it kills me
The pain in not wanting to change is pure agony
I break away through suffering
I’ve seen the other side
The tears that flood the eyes have a story
It is their glory to be felt and not denied
The tears compromise their privacy
They can no longer hide but yell
Scream in pain because things will always be the same
My name sings glory
Wounds do heal
Or atleast seal at the ends of exhaustion
I will not proceed with caution
We have no fears as children
My soul lost its glow
I never really know what I need to know
Until it’s time to show and prove
And even if my attitude is rude
I will continue to grow
I will continue to know who I am

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith

My Truth

If I open my eyes to you will you believe my truth?
Will you look into my heart and understand without explanation?
With all hesitation I want to get close to you
My heart has been bruised
Neglected in a sense
Your scent is the only thing to make me reminisce on happiness
You’ve given so much compassion
Love blooms in you
A mirror perfect image demanding my attention
My dreams mentioned you
You’d come in at a time when things are confusing
I used to listen to what the others said but they were abusing
My love is caught in an illusion
But my heart was losing all life within it
If I save my love for you don’t spend it
I’m suspended in the air
Without a breath of care
I want you
I need you
I love you
You are my truth

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith

You & Me

Plain and simple life placed a kiss on my cheek like a dimple
I got a glimpse of what love could be
He spiritually wrapped his arms around me and I floated away
Through my heart who thought I had so much to say
My soul relates to you and all its truth
Spoken blessings blessed upon my chest to leave a trail like hickies
My addiction for you was given to me
I believe you when you say forever
The time is now or never for us to be
This love is not make believe

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith

A Path to Peace 

When I think of peace it’s a calming awareness to my spirit and soul.  But how do we obtain such?  We have to overcome all the elements around us and in us that are holding back our peace of mind.  There’s desire, there’s resistance, and then there’s the everyday struggles that want to break us.  You must continue your journey despite any difficulties. 

Anger is an emotion that I’ve had to analyze lately.  Instead of looking angry like the average INTJ, I’ve actually been so.  Anxious as well.  Emotions can consume us if we allow them to.  Leaving our peace vulnerable.  After putting ourselves through so much there is a time when our spirit will tell us enough is enough.  Your spirit can’t breathe, it isn’t free and you must do something about it.  

Life is always going to happen but we can still maintain our control.  When we feed into precisely things we can’t control is when we suffer.  Suffering is the path that leads to unhappiness.  A route my soul yearns to detour from.  If life is going to always be “happening” then we must continue to live through the trials. Peace is freedom. It is possible to obtain.

A machine may be broken down to be rebuilt again.  To be stronger, last longer and be more efficient.  So, during a spiritual journey you may not always feel the best inside and your eyes may be tainted as well.  Our spirits are similar to machines.  Not too much emotion present.  A stable awareness of the now. 

Emotions will always be but in an aspect of thought out and controlled and not bursting through for your attention.  I know things like depression attempt to hold our minds, bodies, and souls hostage.  We can break free.  Practicing mindfulness and equanimity helps by keeping peace within you at any moment of hardship.  Whether it be thoughts, physical pain or outside influences.  The journey can be a tough one if we don’t wake up each day conciously aware of where we are, and if not who we are then who we want to be.  We can begin to move forward once we have answered those questions for ourselves.  We all deserve to not struggle. 

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith

Plain Sight

Within plain sight
The sky glows with optimism
By the wisdom of foundation
Time is honed by the vision
My purpose is validated by tiny missions
Clouds of hope and broken tear drops
To take an approach to conquer
A scope powerful beyond view
An obession that is nothing new
Create life each day

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith

Where Are We Now?

My emotions are blended from the other night
We’ve never had a fight
Not so much as a silent treatment
Waiting for each other’s thoughts to eat themselves
Why do we put ourselves through hell then make up?
I always cry
You call my bluff
I rip your shit because I think I’m tough
Even my tough shell gets enough
Sometimes it’s too much to even think about
Without a doubt in my mind you’re meant for me
It’s just eternally I be feeling like you don’t notice me
With tears falling I need you holding me in peace
We cause each other misery
It’s not love
Just something made up to make the ride more rough
Relationships start to feel washed up
But I’m calling out to you
I’ve never known how to play by love’s rules
But I’m here
Facing my fears of despair
It’s worth a dare… for you
Who knows?
We could serve as proof good things last
Because you did used to make me laugh
Night dreaming back to all the times we had
You loved me
We were spiritually connected but then life got hectic
And patience fell apart
You hit and missed your mark
I miss the sparkle in your eyes
And the happiness in your smile
We used to be worth while
But where are we now?
Somewhere in hope
Or lost stuck in denial looking for us

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith

The 1st Hello

You struck me with the first hello
I was afraid to speak but I wanted to know more
Like the way you wake up in the morning
Determined for life that is coming
I had to see what was in store
For a fragile heart like mine
Delicate but designed to understand pain
I learned early on that life doesn’t really grow
I mean, your shine will never really glow without rain
I looked at them like they were not all the same
They were
Now in my spirit there is blur where love was
I put my trust in lust
Until I found you
Your eyes made me see a vision that was new
I’m your sunshine and you are my moon
You give me peace
And there is no mystery
I’m ready to write history with you

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith