A Path to Peace 

When I think of peace it’s a calming awareness to my spirit and soul.  But how do we obtain such?  We have to overcome all the elements around us and in us that are holding back our peace of mind.  There’s desire, there’s resistance, and then there’s the everyday struggles that want to break us.  You must continue your journey despite any difficulties. 

Anger is an emotion that I’ve had to analyze lately.  Instead of looking angry like the average INTJ, I’ve actually been so.  Anxious as well.  Emotions can consume us if we allow them to.  Leaving our peace vulnerable.  After putting ourselves through so much there is a time when our spirit will tell us enough is enough.  Your spirit can’t breathe, it isn’t free and you must do something about it.  

Life is always going to happen but we can still maintain our control.  When we feed into precisely things we can’t control is when we suffer.  Suffering is the path that leads to unhappiness.  A route my soul yearns to detour from.  If life is going to always be “happening” then we must continue to live through the trials. Peace is freedom. It is possible to obtain.

A machine may be broken down to be rebuilt again.  To be stronger, last longer and be more efficient.  So, during a spiritual journey you may not always feel the best inside and your eyes may be tainted as well.  Our spirits are similar to machines.  Not too much emotion present.  A stable awareness of the now. 

Emotions will always be but in an aspect of thought out and controlled and not bursting through for your attention.  I know things like depression attempt to hold our minds, bodies, and souls hostage.  We can break free.  Practicing mindfulness and equanimity helps by keeping peace within you at any moment of hardship.  Whether it be thoughts, physical pain or outside influences.  The journey can be a tough one if we don’t wake up each day conciously aware of where we are, and if not who we are then who we want to be.  We can begin to move forward once we have answered those questions for ourselves.  We all deserve to not struggle. 

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith


Love Admires You

Romantically speaking, love is always admiring you. In all of your essential states it sees your heart. These are the misunderstandings that plague the best of us. Love has no image to uphold or standards that make them ungrateful. It is patiently waiting for us to notice it and take advantage of the benefits. Often times it comes with confusion, mislead illusions developed from ignorance and mis-education. Common misrepresentations by our peers and influences.

But what do I know? I’ve only noticed the negative effects from it. The downfalls of what once was. All my love has truly sustained its strength with the injuries I have inflicted upon it. So today it still stands. True love will never fall, fail, plummet, or be destroyed by even the toughest adversities.

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith


As I sit here and think, staring in the mirror, I focus on my physical experience for a second. I ask myself, “What is beauty to us? What is religion to us? What is anything to us? How are we as children with premature minds creating our own perceptions that haven’t already been placed in our minds from our environments?”. Something else that’s floating in my mind, how many of us are in situations where we “think” someone feels a certain way about us without any valid facts? What you THINK in your mind could be all false beliefs. It’s funny how our brains are “pre”wired. Hard drives filled up with preconceived notions and negative beliefs. But when you keep a mind of an optimist, thoughts sometimes fall in their place correctly.

It seems to be our beliefs that make us the unique individuals we are. No two people are the same because of distinct looks and an individually crafted life setup.

Food for Thought.
Clear your mind of clutter.


Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith

Memories Are Our Building Blocks


We must remain accountable for our actions and choices that lead us to the difficult and complicated lives we now live. Happier people make happier choices. Not by living in the absence of fear and stress, but taking those worries and looking beyond the surface. They are able to see beyond issues that arise in their lives. Taking life’s disappointments and then turning them into lessons. Only tiny pieces of our lives that rebuild faith and make us stronger. Life happens. People change for no reason and things happen completely beyond our control. We use struggles as building blocks for our foundation. How you interpret your thoughts and create your memories, they become the concrete to which you lay that foundation on.




Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith

It’s OK to be OK


Once again, sitting in front of this well known mirror to my self esteem, repeating the words “It’s okay to be okay”. Today, I woke up in the same train of thoughts that I have been in for days, lost, sulking, confused about this silly little life of mine. Days go by where I’m in the greatest mood, like I had just won an award for my first published novel or something. Then my insecurities strike again and I have to give myself tiny pep talks throughout the day, “Don’t be insecure”. Sure enough all my positive affirmations work, only when I let them. We all have heard of being afraid of failure. Never reaching forward or taking that extra step because you’re afraid of what won’t happen. But then there are us “others” who are afraid to succeed. Afraid that for once, everything can and will go right. So, we constantly place ourselves in that lonely, empty box trying to figure out realities that are already staring us down in the face. Nervous. For what? Afraid. For what?

It’s okay to be okay. It’s okay to not feel sad. It’s okay to know where you’re going and what you want to do with your life. It’s okay to be happy, smiling, and laughing. It’s okay to be myself and not who others think I should be. It’s okay to wake up in the mornings with a smile on your face ready to take on the world with all the inner strength and wisdom you’ve acquired over the months and the years. It’s okay to be successful in all that you will accomplish and who you are as a person. At what point when we were growing up did we or others convince ourselves that we’re not good enough? I have to always tell myself that being in deep thought and shutting myself off from the world isn’t putting a strain on anyone except myself and what I am trying to accomplish. Putting up walls so they can’t see my truth. I’ve come to the point where I don’t even know how to express myself unless it’s written on these pages. And that’s okay. I have learned how to control my toxic thoughts and it’s simple, don’t think them. Do you want to know why? Because they don’t matter. A cause for concern at this moment is trying to creep into me, pounding in the advice that they actually are relevant when that is far from the truth. It’s okay to be okay but will my pride of always being so stern and tight on myself ever accept that?

I spend too much time analyzing everything and as a result I spend more time thinking rather than doing. And that turns into creating notions in my mind that have either not happened, won’t happen, and even if they do happen, there are certain things I cannot control. I am only able to control how these events and actions of others make me feel. We are the only ones who hold ourselves back.

It’s okay to be okay.

Don’t continue to sabotage yourself, there will be enough people throughout your life that will try and do that for you.

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith

Adapting to Life’s Environment


Okay, so, emotions don’t suck completely.  They are just sometimes little nuisances that pop up at any moment and you wish would disappear for a while.  Although I have tried, there is no way to be completely emotionless or heartless unless someway overnight you transformed into something else other than human.  Life is a huge emotional roller coaster   Your success with happiness greatly depends on how quick you can bounce back from life’s disappointments.  How efficient is that resilience of yours?

It’s difficult to deal with pain when we don’t fully understand the reasons behind why we are feeling like the world is crashing down on us.  Having your wounds open for the universe to see, vulnerable, sad, and confused.  Those powerful emotions can cause anyone to shut themselves off.  But will you still dismiss them if they don’t make the good times worth it?  Or what if without being open you lose your inspiration for your art, for your life?  How can you truly express yourself if expression hurts with each word you speak?  It’s very scary when you reach a point of having nothing left to say.  This is the dilemma I face each day.

I got tired of trying to be perfect.  Trying to be the best person I can be each new day that I awake, pulling everything out of myself and placing it in a line up.  What will I perfect about myself today?  I believe you should always strive to be better than the person that you were the day before.  Does that make me a coward because I didn’t like the way it was making me feel?  Being compassionate, loving everyone, understanding everyone when I’m never understood?  Just so much emotion and so much openness that I just couldn’t take anymore.  Having to be the one that always has it together.


I still preach happiness because I believe that is the only way to live life.  Still counting your blessings and respecting others the way you want to be respected.  I now tell myself that it is okay to not have everything together.  Life is a journey.  You learn new things, new concepts, new ideas each day.  We sometimes have some personality and attitude changes adapting to whatever environment we have gotten ourselves in.  Survival of the fittest.  There is no point in feeling weak when you have the power inside yourself to be strong.  It may be some sort of a defense mechanism but you have whatever power inside of yourself that you need.  Never let anyone be able to control how you feel about yourself, your life, or life as a whole.  Stand up for whatever truth you believe in and protect yourself.

Copyright 2013 Ta’Mesha Smith

The Power of Positive Affirmations


It’s currently 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon, my Voss bottle to my left, and I’m sitting right in front of the mirror typing. Inspiration truly comes from anywhere. For a second, I tried to get down on myself by honing in on the future for too long. Asking myself questions like, “What are you going to do with your writing?”, “How are you going to provide for your daughter trying to pursue a “dream”?” But I had to quickly look up at myself, smile, and reassure my nervous looking face of what I was doing. I am a writer and what else is there to do but to write. A novel doesn’t write itself, poetry doesn’t write itself, these blog post that I use as a channel to others don’t write themselves either.

Sometimes we get down on ourselves even when we have all the potential in the world. I recently reached a mini accomplishment with my blog, 100 followers! I only started this blog three months ago and I had no idea of what I was doing or why anyone in this world wanted to listen to me but, you guys do. Even though some or even all of you may not understand, you guys listen, and that means so much to me. To know that I have maybe inspired someone to get out of their negative state of mind and shoot towards happiness, or brought a smile to someone’s face with the clarity they’ve been searching for, makes me so happy and fulfilled. It’s always important to focus on your current progress and not dwell on the could, would, and should of your past. We may not always know where we are going, but as long as you write, or paint, or draw, just know that you are going forward.


Pursuing your passion is never about the money, but we all want to make sure that we can and will provide for our family. I believe artists tend to be a bit selfish more than they should but responsibilities still do exist. I understand why some people give up on their dreams in order to have stable income. Or how being artistic just pulls out too much energy and emotion that some days it’s too much to bare and understand. But it’s like a drug, and no matter how far you try to get away from it, it continues to call your name, haunting you peacefully, whispering in your ear to come back.

So, the next time you feel yourself sinking into self pity and worrying about the future, notice the beauty of this moment. You are special, your gift is special, and you are the only one that can create the vision that you want others to see, no one else can do that but YOU. Right now, get up, go look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are going to make it. You will be a best-seller, you will publish your own work, you will accomplish everything in life that you dream of. Try to smile while doing it, it may not be so easy at first, but continue to repeat those positive affirmations and the smile will sneak through, right past all of the negative thoughts that float through your mind and take up extra space. And next time those toxic thoughts begin to surface, push through them, dismiss them, DO NOT acknowledge them and reassure yourself that you are great. You have to be your number one supporter because it’s no one else’s responsibility to do it. Why are you still sitting here?




Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith

The Key to Happiness

“Unconditional love for life is the key to happiness.”- MeshaLeigh

the key to happiness

Let me elaborate:

Happiness is not a continuous stream of euphoria that hits you every second of the day where there is no sadness, no failure, no pain, and all the other countless battles we face in life. Happiness is a way of life where we must grasp the concept that everything will not always go as planned. Resilience and flexibility are key values to have for life’s trials to run smoothly. Most times the road will be bumpy because we humans insist on making things complicated, but we all know anything worth having will not be easy when trying to obtain it.

Unconditional love is having the strength, courage, and loyalty to persevere even when times get hard. Never giving up on something no matter what troubles are constantly making themselves a priority. Maintaining a smile even after the pain because you know the difficult times will not always be relevant. Never giving up and bouncing back like an invisible spring is attached to you. Holding optimism in your hand and never letting it slip away all while on this shaky ride we call life.

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith