The Pain

We believe in the sacrifice to save us
As painful as it may be
A conclusive illusion that things aren’t really all they’re meant to be
Countless days of wasting therapy
I can’t let all these bad days get to me
Through growth comes suffering
It’s quite inevitable
I believe in love
Just not confident on the way things go
I’ve taken a lot of blows
My heart is decomposed
Frozen over and morphed into stone
My soul has to find a home that is happy
Constantly grabbing to be accepted and understood
I stand alone
Loaded by the emptiness of my gun
I’m so cold
My eyes can scold any threat
And I bet you thought my life would embody stress
I’m blessed to reign in one with the universe
Trampling over trails of hurt
That can no longer hinder
Linger with unattractive features to be noticed
My consciousness is more open
And I was hoping you would notice me
A chance to give this poetry every piece of my soul
The part that wants to bare no more
Life goes on
Just pick a door
The pain is my savior
It’s okay to feel more

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith


A beautiful thorn attached to a rose
As wonderfully delicate and precious as gold
You would think frequently bruises cause conflict
Too much of a nuisance to feel joy or romance
But there is a sweet discovery of loose grips
We become closer with distance
Relentlessly growing and blooming at any speed we’re choosing
A rose
Vibrant and bold
Willing to scold if not taken too seriously
Kidding in blades of grass wishing life sometimes had never happened
Strong enough to be the captain
& guided towards life believed in
I can’t stop my hands from bleeding
And wishing things would have been different
Pain is what grows this distance
The eyes and tears have witnessed all that is needed
My soul is depleted
Weeping over these bruises
Taking all the sacrifice
I’m the one that loses
It’s proven this doesn’t hurt the most
And when things get too bad I know how to get ghost
Focus on doing the most
So I don’t notice the heartache
How much can my delicate flowers take?
Before they shake with each quake and fall away by yesterday
I analyzed how much my spirit can take
It’s done
One by one, by the power of my tongue
I create and destroy life
Whether wrong or right
A throne is to be held
Even with the sharpest thorns
You wold think the bruises cause conflict

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith


A poetic flower evolved to breathe without its roots
Through the mud
Determined to be my own proof

Buds beautifully blossomed beyond a conscious understanding
On solid concrete my dreams are standing with me
I tatted “believe” because that’s all I used to know

What is the point of living if you are not going to grow?
To remain the same is to remain the average Joe?
Forced to not always think but sometimes know

Time is not allowed for guessing
Nesting on possibilities and chances
You have a chance to neglect this but why would you?

Everyday seems hard but everyday seems new
Intuition being used as clues to guide towards greatness
I will remain complacent because attitude is everything

Perception is the only one who brings pain
Pay attention to your heart
It embarks on a mission to become one with you
A poetic flower evolved to breathe without its roots

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith

I Love You

A piece of my happiness lies in you
I love you, to tell you the truth
I always knew you were the one
When you could control the violent mishaps of my tongue
You love when I sing my songs to you
Ooooh baby ooooh
You’ve changed me
And not in an ugly way
More so like teaching me to not procrastinate
And today is the day
You’ve changed me
And not like physically
Teaching me to value family
And make this us thing everlasting
I’ll always be grasping for you
Soft, sweet
You’re so smooth
It would be rude of me to not admit what I feel
You taught my body how to love again
To heal
I’ll never let time steal our love
I’m affectionate for you
It shows with a hug
I’m always blushing when you’re near
It’s my spirit that needs you
A piece of my happiness lies in you
I love you, to tell you the truth

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith

Love Blooms

Love can bloom in all seasons
When we allow our hearts to shut off with all reason
It’s needed

The pain can see the change coming
It’s bleeding
Needing vital support to stay alive

The eyes hide tears that won’t be understood
Tongues aren’t meant to hold in
We are folded on to one another

Barricaded down in a bunkert
There’s safety there
With no room for despair

To believe is to have power
Counting down the hours where I can get back to you
Me, Us, We

Confidence is key but not being too tough
It’s too much
Life will always end up calling our bluff

Copyright 2017 Ta’Mesha Smith

Haec olim meminisse ivvabit

A broken tongue won’t lead me into tomorrow

The words I speak bring powerful outcomes

You can say I’m insane

And maybe a little crazy but it’s rare

To see through eyes with intentions

And follow all hope with despair

I’ll write it in any language to catch and compare

That there is no other situation that you would be there

So solidified and heightened to be elevated

Lifted and stretched across my world to extend bliss

I’ll open up my eyes and then kiss

Because I don’t want to miss any moments

And only if I feel my way through then I will really know what it took to get to the end

Keeping it simple with my love, my weed, and my laptop

Ain’t no need for them extra friends

Love tunes to fuse them in with my property

I will separate myself from the obvious and rise questions about what’s clouded in

I’m reaching far beyond opportunity and will not make amends

Never catch me when I’m falling

All so I can live my life to win


——<3 Time Heals All Things


Copyright 2014 Ta’Mesha Smith


Everyday is your day. Own it with productivity for success.

Traveling down unknown pathways and on the edge of adversity.
In my silence of pain I’ve created this masterpiece.
In only so many ways can this be explained.
Until some time again in a near future.
I will make sure you comprehend the rest.
Into the walls of my chest.
I cave with each second that passes.
Turning upside down empty glasses.
My mind portrays that it’s all about action.

To new beginnings that never happened.

Copyright 2014 Ta’Mesha Smith

best is yet to come

June 22, 2014

They say marijuana brings hallucinations and everything I see is quite clear.  I haven’t blogged in a very long time and I’m not sure what reason there could be for that.  I’m more in tune now with living life and staying in tune with everything that is going on around me.  Not much have I wrote out clearly what is going on in my head.  Mistakes have turned into blessing and everything much more than I’ve expected out of life so far.  Going on this path releases me from negative energy.  Of course with the occasional moments when I attempt to place extra stress on my trials of life.  Putting everything into perspective at this very moment, I am on the correct path.  After years of searching and wondering where my dedication to life will be placed other than being a mother.  I was meant for anything that God has on my path.  My mission is still my mission when it comes to being an inspiration.  Shit is good.  And I mean really good, depending on how you attempt to view life.  Your attitude is everything when it comes to getting through the days and going towards a goal.  My purpose lies in the lines of every notebook I have wrote in.  Music has become the soul center of my thoughts and now as well my actions.  Shit ain’t easy but it’s worth it.  If it was easy then everybody would be doing it,  I try to look at things from an angle of inspiration.  Let everything that comes into my life be a lesson.  This is therapy to me and without it I would continue to look at life in a confused state.  But damn right now I really feel good about all the decisions and choices being made.  I’ve crafted myself and created the journey that I wanted.  My dreams stick to me throughout the days.  My level of passion for everything has heightened,  The feeling is beyond serious between me and life.  My mission is to conquer it.  God is my soul center.  My daughter is the soul reason.  And poetry is the soul solution.  Let’s move into a higher state of consciousness to bring things to reality and minds beneath that leave me distant,  Just get it done and flow with it at your own pace.  I’ve searched for all of the words my entire life and finally, they come to the surface of everything I’ve been trying to communicate.  It’s a feeling of euphoria that can’t be ignored by any means necessary.  With all my intentions quite clear, keep this in perspective.


Copyright 2014 Ta’Mesha Smith