If Ever I Shall Pass …

Inspired from Google image: Shattered Love


He sparks the happiness that was once suppressed inside of me. My fibers come alive as cotton as he turns my switch on. Love written so eloquently in the shadows of my heart. It is indeed like a light-bulb when he touches my skin. A powerful rush of nerves to recharge my senses. In the palm of your care I feel safety and security. Our love is the light that will always shine bright out of me. The smile that I place on my face each day stems from your private garden of love. A wish to forever grow with you as fireflies ignite my restless nights and lazy days refresh our intimacy. We engage in sweet nothings that always says you adore me. It tickles me when you place those light kisses on my cheek. Some how my brown skin blushes as you say you want more of me. Placing your hands softly up against my lips as I speak. Tracing each memory like you’re memorizing the gentle look in my eyes. They speak to you without me even knowing. Comfort-ability has never been an issue with you, because my flaws and my bad moments have always been accepted with you. Trust has never been an issue as I lay my faith within you. I knew perfect existed but with all my love mishaps, I thought I had missed it, but I didn’t. Although you still only exist in a place where my heart’s never been before, I still hold your place in advance so I never miss the chance of loving you. You’re well worth it to deserve my deepest love for you. We deserve happiness together as one. Where your heart gets intertwined with mine and no reading between the lines, like a diamond in the night, the strength of this unity shines. Wrapped up in loose clothing, there’s a sense of lightness felt through the gateways to my heart. Calm and at ease whenever I’m in your presence. Your eyes also speak to me with the glistening sparkle. More beautiful than the words that flow from your mouth and the root of your heart. Place me as a keepsake and remember my face if ever I shall pass. If ever I shall pass your sweetened airspace.

Copyright 2012 Ta’Mesha Smith


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